Used Ford F-150 in Omaha NE

Used Ford F-150 Overview

When people think of a pickup truck, 10 times out of 10, they think of the Ford F-150. It's a leader in its class on everything from horsepower to interior comfort. Schrier Automotive stocks a proud squadron of used Ford F-150 pickup trucks that meet the needs of our customers. Everyone from business people to outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate a used Ford F-150 in Omaha.

Omaha NE - Used Ford F-150's Overview

Benefits of a Used Ford F-150

No matter what year of used F-150 you take home with you, your truck is going to have appealing style, class-leading trailering and payload, and a lower price tag than a new truck. Schrier Automotive continues serving Omaha Lincoln Fremont Nebraska with fantastic prices on these trucks, but a used Ford truck has built-in savings. The "new" truck doesn't stay that way for long and quickly loses its value. And that's great news for pre-owned shoppers. Buyers should always focus most on quality, though.

Omaha NE - Used Ford F-150's Exterior

Trailering and Payload - Used Ford F-150 in Omaha NE

Ford's long line of superior trucks are built for the tough stuff. Their "Built Ford Tough" slogan hones in on the major mission of most pickup trucks. They're built to give you both diesel and gas-powered options and to put the power of massive trailering and payload at your disposal. You'll be able to throw just about anything into your truck bed and get it where it needs to be. Businesses especially love the F-150 brand. The truck itself is a gritty representation of all the things a business stands for: dedication, strength, and a safe, comfortable environment for employees.

Omaha NE - Used Ford F-150's Interior
Ford F-150 Style

A hard worker can still be a pretty face, and a used F-150 shows this. You'll get a deeply discounted price, interior and exterior style, and bragging rights. Those who own a used F-150 can always hold their head up high and know they have a truck that's built to fit in to all eras. It pays tribute to the past but also gets bolder each year to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

Omaha NE - Used Ford F-150's Mechanical
Safety - Used Ford F-150 dealer

Models in the last 5 years or even older will have something called Ford Co-Pilot360, Ford's unique brand of driver-assist features. These guardian angels are designed to protect you and your family or employees during all driving scenarios. There are features that protect you while you're driving on the highway, in the city, or in the parking lot. Everywhere around you, there are threats on the road, but a used F-150 has your back.

The Schrier Automotive Promise

Our dealership has been serving Omaha Lincoln Fremont Nebraska customers for a very long time now, and we have no plans to stop. This is an exciting time for the Ford brand, as it rolls out trucks for the future. However, don't leave the past behind! Our selection of used Ford trucks give you the perfect way to save money on a new-to-you truck, all while getting the same Ford quality you'd expect from a new one.

Buying Used

Used vehicles come in two varieties: pre-owned and certified pre-owned. Certified pre-owned vehicles give you the added assurance of low mileage, advanced multi-point inspections, and sometimes extended warranties. The power of buying certified pre-owned vehicles plays out time and again on our dealership, but you get an amazing vehicle when you buy pre-owned, too. Our team performs a multi-point inspection that covers all major components: brakes, engine, transmission, electrical systems, AC/Heating, and so much more. In addition to getting a secure, safe, and attractive Ford F-150, you get:

  • Lower down payments
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Greater flexibility to seek out classic models
  • Options for prior special editions
  • A Ford tough truck that's cheaper but still high quality

The Ford brand of trucks are built for the long haul, as is evidenced by their longstanding popularity. They remain the most popular light and heavy duty pickup trucks in America, and Ford isn't letting up on the gas pedal anytime soon. They're continuously adding something else to each new generation of F-150.

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