Used Car Dealership in Omaha NE

Used Car Dealership in Omaha NE

Schrier Automotive is a used car dealership in Omaha. We've appeared in the "Best of Omaha" magazine and were recently the proud recipient of a 2021 Consumer Satisfaction Award from DealerRater. That's just a brief mention of a few things that other people have had to say about us in Omaha Nebraska, but we're proud to have reached so many people that the word got out about us. We'd like to explain just a few reasons that people return to our car dealership time and time again over the years.

Used Car Dealership in Omaha NE - 2021 Jeep Gladiator

Dependable Service

Consistency is a big part of what makes for a great used car dealership. When you provide the same great service time and time again, people commit that to memory. The next time they need to buy a vehicle, they think of who they depended on the last time. Did that dealer in Omaha come through for them? Did they find used cars trucks SUVs that actually lasted over time and suited their purpose? Because so many people find us dependable, they return for vehicles more than once.

Used Car Dealership in Omaha NE - 2021 Jeep Wrangler

Solid Reputation

People tend to trust the people in their lives. When a person is searching for used cars trucks SUVS in Omaha Nebraska, they ask a friend, "Have you worked with any trustworthy dealerships lately?" Many times, our used car dealership enters the conversation. We listen to our customers and we take their suggestions as we go along. That's because we know that customers are the people we're here to serve.

Used Car Dealership in Omaha NE - 2021 Jeep Compass

Family-Owned Service for 30 years

We've got the power of 30 years of experience behind us. When you're a part of a family, you work together as a team. All success goes back to that all-powerful family unit. Customers and dealerships are like a family, too. A vehicle is one of the most necessary components of any successful family. The freedom to get back and forth to work, out to the store, and to those memorable family fun places are all reasons to buy used cars trucks SUVs.

Used Car Dealership in Omaha NE - 2021 Jeep Renegade
Why Buy Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs in Omaha Nebraska

A used car dealership in Omaha is a place where needs are met, people are served, and lives change forever. The value of the used vehicle never stops amazing us. So very few things in life can continue to last throughout the decades, but with the proper care, a used vehicle will be running long after it's new or even mildly used. Our inventory includes quality vehicles from all around the state of Nebraska (and even other locations). We recommend used vehicles for a number of reasons.

  1. Used models are going to give you a more accessible price. You'll find yourself paying less down and less per month if you buy used. Not only that, but you'll find that you get a higher trim of your favorite vehicle. Instead of a new but limited base model, you can get a fully loaded trim, just used.
  2. Flexibility is one of life's greatest treasures. When you've got the ability to pay off your vehicle in less time, you'll be able to get another one sooner. Most people find that they can shop for a used vehicle more often than a new one. The new one is extremely expensive and sometimes takes up over a decade of your paychecks. With a used vehicle, you can drive a different vehicle every few years
  3. Insurance rates are a part of the overall price of a car. Car taxes are in your bottom line for a vehicle, too. A used vehicle has lower insurance rates and car taxes, compared to the same model and trim new. This means you're going to get a reduction in both bottom line bills and have more money to spare later on. For frugal people, this is usually clinches the deal. Used it is!

Used Car Loans and Finance

Financing your next used vehicle is as easy as logging onto our website. We now have online financing and home delivery of your vehicle to you. Our team can even bring a model to you so that you can test drive without having to stop by our lot. These are just a couple of the ways that we make it easier to bring your next dream vehicle into your life.

Our partnerships with local and state lenders are here to fill in the needs you have. If you need an auto loan, one of our lenders is going to step in and fill that need. If you need a special financing arrangement, speak to our understanding team and let us make that a reality.

Contact Schrier Automotive for used car services and specials today. You can request a quote online or just ask us to help you out. We'll be glad to do both.

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