Starting the Process - Get Approved for an Auto Loan l Omaha, NE

Whether you are at the end of your vehicle purchasing process, or just starting out, completing the credit application before you arrive at Schrier Automotive, in Omaha, NE, can help save you time. Complete the credit application today and start off with a better car buying process.

The Schrier Automotive Credit Application: Save Time at the Dealership

Maybe you've made your trek around the used car lots of all the Omaha auto dealers. It might even feel like you visited most of the Nebraska car dealerships, but your journey is finally done. You've settled on Schrier Automotive, located at 7128 F Street in Omaha, NE, and you've found the used car, truck, van, or wagon you wanted. Now, it is time to think about how to pay for it. Auto finance can be one of the more stressful parts of the vehicle purchasing process for many customers. Our online finance application can help relieve this feeling.

Making Car Financing Easy

We believe that financing used cars shouldn't cause you to want to pull your hair out. We have designed a simple and secure online credit application to make the process more streamlined for our customers and save them time at our dealership. Much of the time spent at dealers is waiting for car loans to be approved. After you complete the finance application at a dealership, a finance professional reviews your application and credit report to determine which lenders might like your profile best. Once your application is submitted to them, another review is completed by the lenders. Completing the credit application ahead of time allows our finance team to work with their network of financial institutions before you get here so you are just completing the paperwork when your time to complete the financial paperwork comes.

Knowing Your Financing Options

Completing the finance application ahead of time will give you clarity on your financing options. Many customers come into our dealership wondering if they can get approved, or how much money a bank will give them. Completing the application early lets our finance professionals go over your financing options with you and will help you focus on which of our pre-owned cars will work with your auto loan choices. It will also let you know if you would be better served with a cosigner or with a larger down payment and prevent having to spend time scrambling for those things while you are here.