Manage Cargo in an Affordable Used Cargo Van from Schrier Automotive

600 × 400

Need a commercial vehicle that can help you carry cargo around near Omaha? Schrier Automotive is proud to offer a selection of affordable top-notch used cargo vans to get the job done. When you have a lot of gear, equipment, and materials to move, but you have to stick to a smaller budget, you can find the right fit here in our inventory.

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Quality commercial vehicles for sale in Omaha, NE

Schrier Automotive is Omaha area drivers' premier used commercial inventory dealer. If you're on the hunt for a quality used truck or van to help you navigate your busy workdays, long days on the jobsite or transport cargo with ease, you can rely on our great selection of used commercial vehicles.

Our used commercial vehicles have something to offer just about every driver from Bellevue, Council Bluffs, IA and Papillion

Check out our current commercial inventory here on our website, and come on by and see any model here in Omaha whenever you’d like to take a test…

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Splurge On An Auto Spa Special; Your Car Will Thank You

826 × 550

The winter has been long and, if you're like most of us, your car has seen better days. Maybe it's the dusty dirt roads around Council Bluffs IA or Papillion NE that has made your vehicle more dirt than car. Perhaps it's the smashed donuts in the back seats that your kids have left behind, and no, we don't talk from experience. Or maybe it's just time for a good "spring cleaning".

Whatever the case may be, our auto spa specials can get your vehicle looking brand new in no time. Currently we offer four…

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Indications That Your Ignition Needs Some Work

Your vehicle's ignition system has several different components. The starter is one of these, and if the starter starts to go bad, there are a few different signs that will alert you that there is a problem.

One of the major indicators of a starter problem is a grinding noise when starting your vehicle. This noise sounds similar to the one that occurs if you try to start the car when the engine is already running. 

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April is National Car Care Month; Be Aware of Car Care!

Coming out of the winter months in Bellevue, NE we hope to help our customers stay on top of their car care with our celebration of Car Care Month. The month of April serves as National Car Care Month and is a reminder to all drivers that it's time to take action on the car issues that you have been putting off.

Our team of talented service technicians is willing and ready to help you get your vehicle on the road and running better than ever as we head into spring. We can help you with regular services like…

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Test Your Car's Battery With a Voltmeter

To safely test a car battery with a voltmeter, you will need gloves, safety glasses, and a terminal cleaning tool. Before doing anything, turn off the lights and engine of the car, then open the hood and put on your gloves and safety glasses.

If the terminals on your car battery have corrosion, use the terminal cleaning tool or a small wire brush to clean the contact points. The red cable of the voltmeter is positive and it goes to positive on the battery. 

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RWD or FWD? That is the Question

Looking for a new vehicle for 2018 but are confused as to whether it is better to have a Front-Wheel Drive or Rear-Wheel Drive vehicle? To help with your confusion and allow for a more informed decision, below is some information that may help:

  • Rear-Wheel Drive - In a Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) vehicle, the engine is sending power to the rear axle. This configuration provides better weight distribution and gives the vehicle more precise handling. Rear-Wheel Drive vehicles accelerate faster and provide more grip to the tires. 
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How Can Heat Affect Your Battery?

If there's something seriously wrong with your vehicle battery, don't assume that heat levels are not responsible. They very well could be. Vehicle batteries tend to stay functional for approximately two years. They tend to remain reliable for roughly 30,000 miles, as well.

Significant temperatures can be awful on car batteries. Air temperature increases bring on the water evaporation process. 

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Is GAP Insurance Necessary?

Imagine totaling your car in a bad accident. You call your insurance company and they later inform you that they will only be giving you a check for the current market value of the car. This can be a huge problem and you may be stuck paying a good amount of your own money.

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Having Your Brakes Serviced

Safety is of the utmost concern for our staff here at Schrier Automotive and we want to make sure that your vehicle is in tip top shape at all times so you and your loved ones are safe as you travel to work, school, etc. 

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