Once you drive off the lot in your brand-new car from Schrier Automotive, your investment is exposed to a lot of harsh contaminants that could potentially affect its exterior finish. We want every driver in Omaha, NE to be an informed vehicle owner and know how to take care of their ride. Here are some reasons why sticking to a regular car washing routine is important.

It's recommended that cars get washed once a week to remove any messes that could cause lasting damage. Some of the worst offenders are bugs, tree sap, and bird droppings. This type of dirt can harden on the surface of your car, chipping away paint and causing discoloration.

Even if your car is not exposed to nature, there are still contaminants you need to be wary of. Air pollution can create a thick layer of potentially harmful grime on the car. As you're driving, your vehicle may even pick up some grease and chemicals from the road. A thorough cleaning can get rid of these messes and keep your car in good condition.

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