You wouldn't wear snow boots on a hot day, so why would you think about using winter tires in the middle of the summer? Many people get tired of the hassle of changing from winter to summer tires and then back to winter tires in the fall, but there are a couple of good reasons that you should continue to do it. At Schrier Automotive in Omaha, NE, we want you to be well aware of all of the best ways to improve your tire performance and prolong the life of them, so here are some characteristics that you should know about winter tires.

First of all, the tread depth on winter tires is deeper than they are on summer tires. The rubber is also softer, and these two qualities give greater traction in slush and snow.

The softer rubber also wears more easily on dry, hot pavement, so you'll need to replace your tires more often if you use them in the summer. You'll also get decreased traction on dry pavement, which can impact your ability to stop and turn quickly.

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