At Schrier Automotive we want our customers to be safe drivers in Omaha, NE and wherever else they may be driving. A big part of driving is sharing the road with other people, and that includes cyclists. Here are things to keep in mind to help you drive safely around cyclists who are on the road.

When you see pedestrians, skateboarders, and cyclists, you should slow down. Slowing down is the best way to avoid colliding with and injuring a cyclist or pedestrian. You also want to make sure you to leave plenty of room when you are driving past cyclists and preparing to overtake them. This is a courtesy and will help prevent any risk of colliding with them.

Awareness is key when you are driving on the road. Don't assume cyclists see or hear you. Let them pass if they are crossing and only pass when you are well clear of them. It is better to be extra careful then risk an accident that could easily be prevented.

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