Why You Should Consider a Blind Spot Monitoring System

Innovative safety features that are available with most newer models can provide drivers and passengers with ample protection and save lives. At Schrier Automotive, many of our Omaha, NE consumers want vehicles that offer advanced safety features, which include a Blind Spot Monitor.

A Blind Spot Monitor works with sensors to detect for vehicles that move into your blind spot zones. When a vehicle moves into your blind spot, the system will provide you with a visual alert, which will most likely appear on the side mirrors of your vehicle. There are some Blind Spot Monitors that also warn drivers with an audible alert.

Blind Spot Monitors are equipped in about 9% of vehicles that are usually higher trims and luxury vehicles. An estimated 57% of vehicles offer a Blind Spot Monitor as an available safety feature. The IIHS reported that Blind Spot Monitors are responsible for less lane-change accidents and injuries that occur because of lane-change accidents.

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