More Off-Roading Tips for Beginners

One of the best off-roading tips for beginners anyone can receive is to start with a good vehicle and find out what it can do. Once you spent some time with it you'll understand if there are any modifications you'd like to make and will be able to identify exactly what those are. So what modifications should you begin with?

If your vehicle has standard street tires, consider changing those out for all-terrain tires. Other modifications might not be so easy, and some may actually require others changes due to the way they affect other components of the vehicle. A good source for information about this topic is off-roading forums where you'll have access to members who are often great mechanics.

Bigger tires are generally considered great modifications by most off-roaders, but Schrier Automotive in Omaha, NE wants you to be aware that larger tires typically lead to upgrading the axles, installing lifts, and a range of other changes.

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