When you're tailgating from your car, try to keep your supplies as organized as possible. A cooler can be used to store condiments and other items that you'll need for preparing food. When you get to the venue, you can remove the contents and fill it with ice for drinks.

Folding tables and chairs are items that you don't want to forget so that you have somewhere to sit and a surface for the things that you're serving and preparing. Make sure the tables and other items that you take to Omaha, NE fit inside your car along with your passengers. Schrier Automotive can measure the interior of your car so that you have an idea for how many items you can fit inside.

A canopy can be included in your essentials to provide shade while you sit outside and wait for the game to begin. Attach a few balloons or a poster with the team's logo and colors as a way to support the team.

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