Do You Know Your Ideal Truck Cab Style?

As you envision your perfect pickup, you should consider its cab style. We sell high-quality trucks at Schrier Automotive in Omaha, NE, so we thought we'd offer you this helpful post.

Of course, your ideal pickup could be one that meets your basic needs. In such a vehicle, you will find a standard, two-door cab with room for two or three adults and a few tools. If your vision includes a dash of additional interior space, you will likely be happy with an extended cab. This style also flies under the king cab flag, and it adds up to two access doors behind the front seats.

Visions of full seating for up to five adults can be met with a crew cab. In this cab type, you will always find four full-sized doors. If you imagined owning the biggest cab type, then you would enjoy a max cab or mega cab.

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