Test Your Car's Battery With a Voltmeter

To safely test a car battery with a voltmeter, you will need gloves, safety glasses, and a terminal cleaning tool. Before doing anything, turn off the lights and engine of the car, then open the hood and put on your gloves and safety glasses.

If the terminals on your car battery have corrosion, use the terminal cleaning tool or a small wire brush to clean the contact points. The red cable of the voltmeter is positive and it goes to positive on the battery. Black is negative, and goes to negative battery terminal. If the reading is 12.4 or better, the car battery is still in great shape. When the number is 12.2 or worse, the battery is failing and can't hold a charge.

If the reading shows the battery can't hold a charge, don't wait until you need a jump-start. It's time to get to Schrier Automotive to have the charging system serviced.

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