Choosing to Buy: What's So Great About That?

If you're shopping at a solely used dealership, odds are, you're already looking into the buying route for your next car, truck or SUV. Leasing is for drivers who're into the newest models and like switching up these models every couple of years. If you're looking into buying, you plan to have that car around longer. On top of that, if you're buying used, you want a sturdy vehicle that's already gotten some road experience under its belt. You'll double stack the benefits and savings when the vehicle you choose is in used condition and purchased at Omaha's Schrier Automotive.

Choosing Used: You will spend less and reap immediate benefits from the moment you drive off our dealership's lot in a pre-owned vehicle. Why? Every vehicle owned previously has already taken the hit to its primary value, so you won't have to deal with the repercussions that new-car drivers go through with depreciation. At Schrier Automotive, some of the vehicles we sell are no longer manufactured by their brands, which opens the door to more model options for your next car, truck or SUV.

Buying Used: Leasing contracts can be restrictive and confusing. If you buy used, you have control of how you drive and alter your purchase. You won't face a yearly mileage agreement or a no-modification rule. Once you own it, you truly own it. Whatever dents or spills occur, or vehicle alterations you make are your choice and responsibility. This vehicle could even help you down the road with lessening the cost of your next pre-owned car by trading it back into us. While you will pay more in monthly payments to pay off your auto loan, think about how much money you'll save the longer you own it.

Double everything that's good about buying used at Schrier Automotive. Call to chat with us today!